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Susanna Van Leuven, P.E.’s Residences

Hospital / Health Care Facilities

  • Developed Fire alarm system and pre-action system for MRI suite in the new Novato Community Hospital in Novato, Ca. Coordinated with OSHPD, provided detailed drawings and obtained approval within two weeks..

  • Emergency Room Relocation, Kaiser Hospital, Santa Rosa. Relocated room assignment and usage for emergency room. Work involved adding to the existing nurse call and fire alarm systems, researching electrical system, making additions in power and lighting, coordinating with OSHPD in Sacramento and gaining approval.

  • Novato Hospital MRI Suite. Developed addressable fire alarm system, self-contained, for MRI suite, with tie-ins to existing hospital fire alarm system and sprinkler pre-action system. Obtained approval from OSHPD site inspector. Developed complete plans within seven (7) days, approval in two weeks.

  • Specified new switchboard for Laural Heights Convalescent Center in San Francisco. Worked with OSHPD, local inspectors.

  • Provided design for new laboritory for Marin General Hospital. Provided emergency power and normal power for all lab equipment along with waiting room reception, offices.


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