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Susanna Van Leuven, P.E.’s Residences

I've designed electrical distribution systems and provided electrical construction plans for over twenty-five high-end residences. Coordinating with PG & E is my specialty. I also perform load calculations, size main switchboard size and evaluate existing systems.

  • Private apartment, 2500 Steiner Street, San Francisco. Developed electrical plans for lighting, power and Homeworks Lighting system for 4,000 foot high-end apartment. Coordinated with architect, owner, lighting designer.

  • Large residence, Atherton. 19,000 square feet. Performed load calculations, derived one-line diagram, coordinated with PG & E for new 1000 amp, 120/208 volt, three phase service.

  • Pacific Heights Residence, Raycliff Terrace, San Francisco Worked with on-site superintendent, coordinated with PG & E for 600 amp, 120/240 volt, single phase service. Preformed load calculations.

  • High-end Residence, Atherton. Coordinated with PG & E for new service, performed load calculations, developed construction plans, showing power, coordinated with lighting designer, developed one-line diagram. Provided full construction plans.

  • High-End Residence, Camino Del Mar, San Francisco. Performed load calculations, coordinated with architect, PG & E for service. Designed one-line diagram, site plan.

  • Large Residence, Atherton. Coordinated with PG & E for 600 amp, 120/240 volt, single phase service. Performed load calculations. Developed site plan, power plans.

  • Nob Hill Residence, San Francisco. Coordinated with PG & E and electrical contractor for 400 amp service to private home. Installation and design included unusual design constraints.


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