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  • Coordinate with PG & E for new service or service upgrades

  • PG & E applications

  • Maintain contact with PG & E to push projects through their system

  • Load Calculations

  • One line diagrams

  • Site plans

  • Full construction plans

  • Prepare, sign and stamp drawings for permit

  • Work with city inspectors, write letters, code research and provide back up materals for construction issues

  • Provide assistance to contractors, research, site meetings, punch list items

  • Coordinate with architect, project team

  • Work with Hawaii electrical contractors for HELCO service planning and design


  • HVAC Design

  • Plumbing design

  • Title 24 calculations and reports

  • Mechanical systems evaluation

  • Due diligence surveys

  • Coordination with project team

  • Specifications

  • Prepare, sign and stamp drawings for permits

Please call if you have any projects that need assistance.

Susanna holds a California, Hawaii and NCEE (National) PE license.

Joel holds a California license.


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