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Susanna Van Leuven, P.E.’s Schools


  • Cardinal Newman High School, Santa Rosa. Researched electrical system, developed one - line diagram. Replaced existing 800 amp, 480/277 volt system with new 1600 amp, 480/277 volt switchboard. Work involved coordinating with PG & E, calculating loads from new HVAC work, new PG & E transformer, specify location and size underground cables and conduits.

  • Marin Montessori School, Corte Madera. Provided site plan, load calculations, one line diagram and full construction plans for new buildings (classroom) and administration building.

  • Cardinal Newman High School. Electrical service and distribution for new HVAC units at three buildings.

  • St. Anne's School, Union City. New 1200 amp three phase service for expansion of school facilities for 3000 families. Worked with PG & E, architects, mechanical engineers for service upgrade and distribution.


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